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Vending Field Merchandiser

Sweet Amanda's is looking for responsible individuals whose duties including vending machine replensihments and light repair services.

Machine inventory and supplies will be shipped directly to the individual who will be repsonsible to fill and clean the machines as well as make cash deposits in a local bank account.

A pair of forward thinking entrepreneurs had an idea to capitalize on the most profitable sector of the candy industry while at the same time bringing technology and excitement to the antiquated candy vending industry. An all-star team was soon formed by searching for and recruiting the most cutting-edge IT engineers and proven veterans from the candy and vending machine industries. The team’s mandate: “To create a state-of-the-art candy experience that maximizes retail candy profits while at the same time capturing consumers’ attention like never before. The result: Sweet Amanda’s Automated Kiosk has garnered worldwide accolades and demand from around the globe. Today, the Sweet Amanda’s team is dedicated to continuing kiosk innovation and development while providing our customers and location partners with the best in support and service.

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